The story of Towords, a dynamic translation agency, starts in 2018, with an ambitious dream and a passion for multilingual communication. Since then, its journey has been marked by significant milestones, reflecting its growth and commitment to excellence in the field of languages.

From its inception, Towords has distinguished itself with its client-centric approach focused on satisfaction and linguistic accuracy. This strategic orientation has quickly garnered attention in the market, attracting demanding clients in search of trusted partners for their translation, interpretation, and training needs.

2018: Establishment of Towords

Graduated from the University of Lyon with a Master’s degree in translation, Anne Morin started her professional career working for a prestigious translation agency in Paris. Through her tenure at this renowned agency, she honed her skills in project management, linguistic quality, and client satisfaction.

Drawing from this enriching experience, Anne Morin then transitioned to the CMA CGM group, where she held various strategic positions for 12 years. Within this dynamic and global company, she leveraged her foreign language skills and understanding of international business requirements to develop effective and impactful multilingual communication strategies.

However, driven by a passion for translation and a bold vision to create an agency that would embody linguistic excellence and commitment to clients, Anne Morin ultimately decided to bring her own project to life: Towords. Thus, in 2018, with determination and dedication, she founded this translation agency with a mission to provide top-notch, personalized linguistic services tailored to the specific needs of each client.

2020: Change in Legal Status

With its rapid growth and the increasing trust of its clientele, the agency finds itself at a strategic juncture where adopting a new legal status is necessary. Thus, in order to better meet the evolving needs of its clients and solidify its position in the market, Towords makes the strategic decision to transform into a Simplified Joint Stock Company (S.A.S.).

This change in legal status signifies much more than a mere administrative formality; it embodies Towords’ commitment to the longevity of its business and its determination to strengthen its organizational structure to better serve its clients. By becoming an S.A.S., Towords benefits from greater operational flexibility, governance more suited to its specific needs, and a legal structure that fosters its future expansion.

2021: New logo

2022: New Address

Towords’ relocation to new offices in the Agroparc area of Avignon marks an exciting chapter in the company’s history. Situated in the heart of a dynamic and business-friendly environment, this new location provides Towords with a modern and inspiring setting to continue its expansion and offer high-quality linguistic services to its growing clientele.

In addition to this new address, Towords is also expanding its scope of activities by becoming a training organization. Leveraging its expertise in translation and multilingual communication, the company now offers customized training programs for professionals looking to enhance their English language skills.

This expansion into training reinforces Towords’ commitment to the professional development of its clients and team. By offering high-quality training, Towords positions itself as a trusted partner to accompany its clients on their journey towards linguistic excellence.

2023: The Year of Certifications

Towords is proud to announce that it is now a  Qualiopi certified training organization. This accreditation recognizes Towords’ ongoing commitment to excellence and the quality of its training programs. By meeting Qualiopi’s strict requirements, Towords demonstrates its dedication to continuous improvement and its ability to provide high-level English trainings that meet the specific needs of its clients.

In addition to this certification, Towords is also proud to announce that its training organization is now accredited as a center for preparing for the Diplôme de Compétence en Langue (DCL) examinations in English. This accreditation attests to the quality of the preparation programs offered by Towords and confirms its expertise in English language instruction.

Furthermore, Towords is delighted to share the news that the company is certified as a Women Owned business by the NGO We Connect International. This certification recognizes the exceptional leadership of Anne Morin, the founder and director of Towords, as well as her commitment to empowering women in the business field. By being 100% women-led, Towords reinforces its commitment to diversity and inclusion while inspiring other businesses to follow its example.