Simultaneous interpreting and

conference interpreting

For conferences or large meetings.

  • In soundproofed booths.
  • Live translation via headset and microphone.
  • A team of at least 2 interpreters for the day.

ADVANTAGE: more fluid exchanges.

Liaison interpreting

For work meetings or informal discussions.


  • Interpreting takes place “in staggered mode”, sentence by sentence.

Consecutive interpreting

The most suitable for official speeches. Interpreting takes place “in staggered mode”. The speaker speaks, then pauses to allow the interpreter to intervene.

  • One interpreter only.

ADVANTAGE: no need for a soundproof booth or other equipment.

Whispered interpreting or “chuchotage”

For your formal or informal meetings, when one of the participants is not proficient in the meeting language.
The interpreter whispers in real-time as the speakers speak.


  • One interpreter only.

Provision of interpreting equipment

With Towords, it is possible to hire interpreting equipment. Depending on the event you organise, there are different solutions for interpreting. We are ready to help you with implementing the most appropriate solution (for work meetings, conferences, colloquiums, visits, etc.).

At your request, we can meet you at the interpreting venue in order to define together the resources necessary for successful interpreting of your event.

A technical solution for each need

The simultaneous interpreting booth
  • Provides the best listening comfort for participants.
  • One translation language per booth.
  • Increased concentration for the interpreter.
The interpreting kit
  • A quickly deployed solution.
  • A portable system.
  • Greater conviviality between interpreters and participants.
Use of a sound system
  • One single translation language.
  • Equal comprehension for all participants.
  • A larger possible number of participants.

An interpreting agency in the south of France

Towords interpreters are bilingual in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Our teams can travel to the main towns and cities in the south of France: Avignon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nimes, Valence, Nice and Toulon.

Also, our project manager will assist you with setting up your meeting or conference. He or she will help with several steps: installation of the equipment required for interpreting, venue-related logistical organisation and verification of the smooth running of the mission.

All types of events

Conferences, meetings, speeches, visits, telephone conversations.

An interpreter adapted to your needs

Business, public relations, information, technical explanations, etc.

A project manager

In charge of logistics, customer relations and quality.

Teams close at hand

Economic, ecological and adaptable.

Our interpreting languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese.

Equipment necessary for interpreting

On site or made available by Towords.