We have made the strategic decision to surround ourselves with a team of specialists to enrich our range of services. This approach enables us to more comprehensively address the needs of our clients by offering tailored solutions and sharp expertise in each field. Through this collaboration with experts, we strengthen our positioning and our ability to provide innovative and high-quality solutions

Global expansion

Global expansion

Connectiva Consulting is a consulting firm specialized in supporting high-growth SMEs in their global expansion efforts. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help our clients seize new opportunities in international markets, from market entry strategy to global partnership facilitation, strategic planning, and innovative solutions.


Our services:


  • Market entry planning and research
  • International partnership facilitation for successful soft-landing
  • Strategic consulting and planning, project management
  • Innovative business solutions



Our website: https://connectiva-consulting.com/

Contact us: paulina@connectiva-consulting.com