Correction and proofreading

Correction and proofreading of multi-lingual texts

A correction and proofreading service in several languages for your team members and yourself

Towords vous assure la qualité de votre communication à l’international.

Towords provides a correction and proofreading service for your in-house team members.

It is possible that you and your teams translate documents in to foreign languages daily; you might be an engineer, salesperson or administrative employee, speaking and writing on a day-to-day basis in a foreign language, but you wish to benefit from proofreading in order to ensure that your documents are understood and are clear to a native speaker.

Our professional native-speaker proof-readers provide greater clarity and better understanding for your documents, by eliminating grammatical, stylistic and idiomatic errors, providing improved readability for your output.

In order to do this, we propose a complete review of your texts. We proofread your sales and technical documents in order to optimise them.

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We proofread and correct in several languages

We mainly proofread and correct your texts in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and other European languages. Additionally, we can also provide proofreading for Arabic, Chinese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian and Japanese.

Coherence over time for your documents aimed at a foreign readership

We use SDL Trados, a computer assisted translation software application. As a result, a database of the translations is formed as we work on your documents. This allows us to maintain coherence over time for your written output (slogans, commercial approach, etc.). Over the course of time, your company’s image is exported internationally via your communication.

Assistance from a professional close at hand

A Towords project manager is at your disposal to assist you with your request. He or she will assess your needs and establish, together with you, the fairest price for proofreading of your documents. Furthermore, we can come to meet you to put in place the tools for the work you need proofreading. Finally, the documents that you entrust us with are corrected by a qualified native-speaker translator in the desired language.

Advantages of proofreading by a professional for your various written output:

Enhancements of the text

The proof-reader proposes more appropriate vocabulary for your text.

No mistakes

The proof-reader corrects errors and spelling mistakes in the text. 

Improved syntax

The proof-reader produces a more fluid text to improve readability. 

SEO adaptation

The proof-reader proposes redrafts in order to improve referencing on your web site.