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Translation in the domains of agri-food, agriculture and oenology

Thanks to our establishment in the Vaucluse, we have a solid experience regarding the expectations and needs of our customers in the agri-food industry.The accuracy of our technical translations ensures our partners enjoy a first-rate international image.  We work with you in several languages and in specialised fields (organic farming, winemaking, etc.), translating in particular web sites, sales documentation and in-house procedures.

Our translation and interpreting agency, Towords, is located in Agroparc, a business park that has welcomed, since its origin, the most innovative companies in the agri-food sector: INRAE, Mc Cormick, Philagro or the CTCPA. It is therefore only natural that Towords specialises in agri-food translation.


The flow of both perishable and non-perishable goods is constantly increasing and agri-food translation is following this trend. If you export or import, your communication must be multilingual. You will need to translate your website, brochures, order forms and other business and communication documents. Talk to your customers and suppliers in their native language! They will be grateful to you.


Oenology is part of agri-food translation too. In our region, there are three major appellations: AOC Côtes du Rhône, AOC Ventoux et AOC Luberon. We are regularly solicited by wine estates for multilingual translations whether in English, Italian or Chinese. Wine is also exported and attracts a large number of tourists. Moreover, wine tourism is a highly developed sector, and we offer interpretation services for your visits.


Agri-food translation also means translating restaurant menus or websites. The translator will adapt the translation to the target language culture. You have probably already had the experience of inviting a foreigner to a local restaurant. Have you ever been asked what was this strange local food that was served? Or had to explain the complicated name of a speciality on the menu? It is not surprising that we find people strange in other countries! The translator will use a transcreation technique, i.e., he or she adapts the text to the culture of the target language.

Documents translated in the agri-food domain:
  • Web-sites
  • Marketing brochures
  • Order forms
  • Annual reports
  • Menus
  • Newsletters
  • Ordering procedures
  • Facing

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

Medical and pharmaceutical translations are scientifically complex work. As such, we carry out your translation projects with translators who have experience in the domain of health. Their qualification and the accuracy of their translations mean that the reliability of your documents is guaranteed. You can also disseminate and publish your scientific publications, patents, standards and sales documentation in total peace of mind. Our translators’ areas of expertise range, in accordance with your target language, from medical devices to scientific reviews, including odontology or surgery.

Our reference works: orthodontics websites and mobile applications. 

Sworn translation 

Towords works with a network of sworn translators and interpreters. As a result, we are in a position to help you with your administrative and legal formalities. A sworn translator takes an oath before the courts. He or she appends a stamp on the documents he or she translates, certifying the translations in the eyes of the authorities and the law.

Documents that require a certified translation by a sworn translator are as follows:

Personal records

  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Residency permit
  • Death certificate
  • Family record book
  • Passport

Administrative formalities

  • Citizenship application
  • Visa application

Notarial deeds

  • Identity card
  • Nuptial agreement
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Will & testament
  • Succession
  • Power of attorney

 Bailiffs’ writs

Procedural acts

  • Business registration documentation
  • Criminal record
  • Corporate register

Other documents may also require certification by a sworn translator:

  • Grade certificates
  • Diplomas
  • School reports
  • Bank statements
  • Bank account information statements
  • Insurance certificates
  • Employment contract
  • Payslip
  • Professional certificate
  • Employment certificate
  • Driving licence
  • Car registration document
  • Registration certificate
  • Vehicle insurance certificate

Translation in the domain of energy and the environment

Towords can assist your development in the sphere of energy and the environment. Technical progress, new aspects and a constantly changing sector oblige us to approach this domain with specialists. Our translators are constantly on the pulse of changing environmental regulations on the global market. We propose specialist translations in the domains of waste management, water management, fossil fuels and renewable energies.

With our team of translators, we translate the following types of documents and technical material:

  • Installation manuals
  • User manuals
  • Safety manuals
  • Training manuals
  • Quality manuals
  • Standards
  • Patents
  • Certification procedures
  • Test reports
  • Product reference systems
  • Catalogues
  • Product datasheets
  • Specifications
  • Technical briefs
  • Quotes

Translation in the domains of property, construction, public works and manufactured goods for the home

Our translators, specialised in the domains of buildings and public works as well as real estate, provide meticulous translations in technical terms. Translation for the building sector requires proficiency in the terms specific to this sector. In tandem, our translators are capable of popularising the message for property developers and real estate companies, enabling heightened understanding among a broader readership.

Translation in the domains of IT and software

In the field of IT, our translators possess three essential assets for top-quality work. The translator of the computer code provides a lean translation of the application. This means you can be sure that due consideration is given to the complexity of the code. The translator must also adjust the translation so that search engines can access the software’s information from an SEO approach. Lastly, the translator has to employ his or her trans-creation capabilities in order to provide the most dynamic user interface for the target language reader. As a result, his or her skills have to include several levels, in order to switch from a pure translation of source code to adapting text for a video game.

We work with Indesign!

If you send us your source file in InDesign format, we directly transcribe the translation into the software, allowing you to save time and gain in quality!

Translation in the domains of sea, air, rail and road transport

Transport professionals are at the heart of international trade. Towords is ready to help you by translating your documents. We translate your road, air and sea waybills. We also translate all the documents related to your daily formalities.

Legal translation

For your contractual and legal translations, Towords provides a legal translation service. Our native translators ensure that your texts are comprehensible and transposed into the language and law system of the country in which they are applicable, meaning you can rest assured that your documents are legally enforceable.

Our translators’ legal skills

Our translators combine their legal knowledge and linguistic proficiency to provide you with a translation that is absolutely reliable. They provide guidance on the authorities, standards and enforceable legislation. Your documents are therefore in line with the target country and ensure perfect comprehension by its readers.

Legal documents 

The legal documents that we translate are as follows:

  • Commercial contracts, certificates, insurance contracts.
  • Orders and related documents (clauses, general terms of purchase and sale, appendices, etc.).
  • Tax forms and business registration documentation.
  • Declarations and powers of attorney.
  • Work permits and building permits.
Your translations remain confidential

For all our translations and especially for legal translations, we can incorporate specific procedures into our work. The agency and its translators can be subject, on request, to non-disclosure agreements, meaning the confidentiality of your documents is protected. Other procedures regarding the delivery of documents can be integrated into the signing of such agreements. You can rest assured of the utmost secrecy.

Sworn translations

Sworn translations are a different type of legal translation. Unlike a legal translation, a sworn translation is the true copy of a document, without adaptation for the target country, and is recognised as such by the authorities. By obligation, sworn translations are translated by a sworn translator. A sworn translator takes an oath before the courts. To find out more, read our blog article on sworn translation.

Translation in the domains of construction and public works 

Building and public works is a domain that has not escaped the trend of globalisation. Many construction companies have developed worldwide, bring in foreign labour or export their know-how. In such cases, translation in the building and public works sector takes on its full meaning.

Construction and public works translation: calls-for-tender

In the case of real estate projects requiring a high level of expertise, it is not uncommon for tenders to open up internationally. Our team of translators in Towords has already translated tenders for the rehabilitation of listed buildings.

Construction and public works translation: the link between your employees

Does your company want to use skilled labour that does not speak the company’s language? We can translate your machine manuals or the code of conduct and safety regulations.

Construction and public works translation: international stage

Some companies have subcontractors in another country. Towords translates your brochures, user manuals and marketing material.

Do you want to develop internationally? A site translated into English allows you to reach a large audience. A translation into German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese or another language allows you to be more readable for the public who speak these languages. You know the market you want to reach and, we can help you in more than 25 languages.

Translation documents for the construction and public-works industry

Here is a non-exhaustive list of documents that we translate:

  • Calls for tender
  • Building permits
  • User manuals
  • Website
  • Functional analyses
  • Prevention plans
  • Quality reports
Confidentiality of your translations

For all our translations, and in particular for translations in the construction sector, we can combine our work with specific procedures. The agency and the translators are subject to non-disclosure clauses on request. We maintain the confidentiality of each document we handle.

Tourism translation

With our teams of translators specialised in tourism and travel, we translate the following types of content:

  • Travel brochures
  • Tourist guides
  • Tourist maps of towns/cities
  • Tourist brochures
  • Web sites
  • Sales brochures
  • Press releases
  • On-line booking sites
  • Booking and confirmation e-mails
  • Descriptions of leisure activities
  • Guided tours (art, culture, oenology, cycling…)
  • Flyers

Marketing and sales translation

If you are seeking perfect translations to conquer new markets, if you want to launch a product or service on an international market, if you want to ensure that the advertising and press releases you deliver to your new international customers are adapted and efficient, then in our capacity first and foremost as professionals in international exchanges, we can make our services available to you. As a result, you will benefit from clear, reliable and culturally adapted translations for sales and marketing.

  • Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Web sites
  • Commercial proposals
  • Mass mailing
  • Slogans
  • Packaging
  • Sales pitches
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Corporate videos
  • Press releases
  • Market research

Financial and banking translation

With our teams of translators, we translate the following financial, banking and insurance documents:

  • Yearly accounts
  • Business plans
  • Accounting documents
  • Audit reports
  • Action plans and action reports
  • Share issues
  • Banking documents
  • Insurance contracts
  • Financial product documentation
  • Special terms & conditions