You are focusing on new markets and as a result are reaching foreign customers. This is as good a reason as any to translate your web site. This potential pool of customers prefers to consult web sites written in their mother tongue. This is why Towords proposes web site or e-commerce site translators who are native speakers of the language spoken by your target audience. As a result, you gain visibility and an enhanced reputation.

Our specialist translators for your web site

Your credibility among your new customer base is ensured because our translators are native speakers. Additionally, your web pages will be adapted to the cultural and linguistic environment, providing you with gains in efficiency.


Referencing your site

We translate your key-words and adapt them to the target language of your site. Our native-speaker translators ensure that they are consistent with the culture of the country in order to optimise their visibility on Google. The meta-descriptions and title tags include the correct number of words, ensuring the best referencing on the web in the country concerned. Your web site’s traffic is optimised and you enjoy quick visibility.

“Culture shapes the way we view the world”

A number of formats are available for your translations

We translate the files that make up your web sites in Word, Text File or also Rich text format when you have such source files available. If you only have the database of your web site, we can translate in Csv, Xml or Xlif formats. We return the translations in the file that you sent to us, enabling you to efficiently integrate the document to the expansion of your site into a new language.


Translation into English, Spanish and several languages

A web site translated into English allows you to reach a wider audience. Translation into German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese or other languages gives you greater visibility among audiences who speak these languages. If you know which markets you want to conquer, we can help you in more than 25 languages.


Translation memory: time games for your future modifications

We use translation memory technology in order to carry out readjustments to your web site at a lower cost. The software stores the key-words and vocabulary used in previous translations in its memory. This results in time gains and a consistent image over time.

Our web site compatibility

Our translations are transposable on web site platforms: WordPress, Drupal and other SGC. We also translate sites programmed using HTML. Finally, we translate on-line store sites using the Prestashop and Magento software applications.


A Towords reference: the translation of Château Fortia’s web site into English and Chinese

English version
Chinese version