Medical and scientific translation requires plenty of thoroughness and precision. When translating the notice for a medicinal product or elements of a clinical trial, each word carries a specific meaning that cannot be confused with another, because there is much at stake and these documents are governed by a legal and regulatory framework. This is why Towords has selected experienced translators who are experts in this field for the translation of your documents.

At Towords, our translators are experts in medicine and science

All our translators, reviewers and proof-readers in the medical and scientific fields, in all the languages we offer, are experts in their field. They possess faultless proficiency in the terminology of medical translation. For complex subjects, they work in collaboration with medical professionals. Because medicine and science evolve daily, our translators keep themselves informed of the latest publications.

Medical and scientific documents translated

If you want to have a medical or scientific document translated, reviewed or proof-read, here is a non-exhaustive list of the documents that we translate:

  • Clinical studies and reports
  • Pharmaceutical documents
  • Press articles about health
  • Protocols
  • Scientific reviews
  • Documents for patients (medical questionnaires)
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Information notes
  • Strategic documents
  • Scientific publications

Confidentiality for your translations

For all our translations and especially for medical and scientific translation, we can incorporate specific procedures into our work. On request, the agency and its translators can sign non-disclosure agreements. We maintain the confidentiality of each document we work on.