Building and public works is a domain that has not escaped the trend of globalisation. Many construction companies have developed worldwide, bring in foreign labour or export their know-how. In such cases, translation in the building and public works sector takes on its full meaning.

Building and public works translation: invitations to tender

In the case of real estate projects that require a high degree of expertise, it is not uncommon for invitations to tender to go global. Our team of translators at Towords has already translated invitations to tender for the restoration of listed monuments.

Building and public works translation: a link among your employees

If your company wants to call upon a skilled labour force which does not speak your language, then we can translate user manuals for your machinery or also your code of conduct and safety rules.

Building and public works translation: on the international stage

Some companies have sub-contractors in other countries. In such cases, Towords can translate your brochures, user manuals, marketing material, etc.

If you want to develop globally, then a web site translated into English allows you to reach a wider audience. Translation into German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese or other languages gives you greater visibility among audiences who speak these languages. If you know which markets you want to conquer, we can help you in more than 25 languages.

Building and public works documents translated

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the documents that we translate:

  • Invitations to tender
  • Building permits
  • User manuals
  • Web sites
  • Functional analysis
  • Prevention plans
  • Quality reports
Confidentiality for your translations

For all our translations and especially those in the building and public works sector, we can incorporate specific procedures into our work. On request, the agency and its translators can sign non-disclosure agreements. We maintain the confidentiality of each document we work on.